Sharon Tate in Heaven 2015

Sharon Tate in Heaven - 2014 - Present. Performances in NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, and more. Benefitting Big Cat Rescue and more

Sharon and Mia (NYC Premier) + Sharon Tate Quadrilogy - NYC April 2018

Farrah - Long Beach NY, March 2018

Sharon Tate in Heaven + Charlie and Sharon + Sharon and Roman - West Hollywood CA, January 2018

Sharon and Mia + Charlie and Sharon + Sharon and Roman - Long Beach NY Premier October 2017

#Seagull69- an adapation of Chekhov's Seagull set in LA in 1969 in a new 2017 version. Directed by Jen Danby (who also played Nina) and with Austin Pendleton as Trigorin. September 2017 NYC Theatre54

Farrah + California Girl: Being Michelle Pfeiffer - NYC Premier July 2017

Sharon and Roman - Premiered April 2017 NYC

Charlie and Sharon - Premiered June 2016 NYC

Together, Sharon Tate in Heaven, Charlie and Sharon, Sharon and Roman, and Sharon and Mia form a Sharon Tate Quadrilogy of plays. Starring Jen Danby as Sharon Tate, Daniel Delano as Charles Manson and Roman Polanski, and Jessica Smith as Mia Farrow. Directed by Austin Pendleton.

Sharon Tate in Heaven Super 8 - a film for new media released January 2016, an adaptation of the stage play. With Jen Danby, This American Blonde Actress, as Sharon Tate.

Sharon Talks a short film for new media released March 2017 about Sharon Tate playing Jennifer North in Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls - Screenplay Reading and Party Fundraiser - March 10, 2017

California Girl: Being Michelle Pfeiffer - Premiered in Long Beach, NY March 2016. Written by and starring This American Blonde Actress, Jen Danby.

The Blonde Bombshell Project: Marilyn Monroe- Long Beach NY November 2014 - Project Hope

Blonde Bombshell

Vieux Carre - June 2014

Vieux Carre

Shotgun Cottage Plays - May 2014

A Streetcar Named Desire Fundraiser Martin Luther King Jr. Center Long Beach

SeaGull69 - February 2014


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - AEA Showcase Fall 2013

Vieux Carre - NYC - Summer Mud Lab 2013

A Streetcar Named Desire - NYC - Summer Mud Lab 2013

The Blonde Bombshell Project: Marilyn Monroe - NYC - June 2013

What celebrity artists are saying:

Olympia Dukakis says of Jen's Marilyn Monroe in The Blonde Bombshell Project: "Beautiful work and I was able to see all the colors of the woman."

Geoffrey Owens gives a Rave for The Blonde Bombshell Project: Marilyn Monroe with Jen Danby, directed by Austin Pendleton. Mr. Owens is perhaps most remembered for his role as Elvin Tibideaux, husband of Sondra Huxtable on NBC's hit sitcom "The Cosby Show." He is an actor and teaches at HB Studio in NYC: " I don't like one-person shows. I loved Jen Danby's 'The Blonde Bombshell.' She doesn't TRY to be Marilyn Monroe - she just IS her. DOES her. It's a magnificent performance of an excellently conceived and written piece - a masterclass in acting. Not only was I not impatient during the 90 minutes of Ms Danby's work - I wanted it to go on and on." Thank YOU for a truly brilliant and inspiring theatrical event. Masterful. Humbling. Awesome. (These are NOT words I use lightly.) Brava, Lady, Brava."

And from Austin Pendleton, Obie winning director and director of The Blonde Bombshell Project: "I love it when an artist takes on the role of another artist and soars and sails beyond imitation into some lovely sphere of a kind of cohabitation, a living together in one space.

That's what I watched happen in Jen Danby's performance (working from her own brilliant script) as Marilyn Monroe. I felt other people watching it, too, and getting as spiritually
and emotionally and sensorily high on it as I was. I hope there are many, many performances by Jen of this piece, so that many, many other people can experience that same
gentle, demanding, exhilarating high."

Lust Mud Lab - NYC - March 2013

Suddenly Last Summer - NYC - February 2013

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Mud Lab - Summer 2012

Suddenly Last Summer Mud Lab - Summer 2012

Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference - NYC - March 2012

Motion picture star Vivien Leigh takes questions from the press in what is actually a confrontation with Death in the summer of 1967 on everything from her dreams as a young actress in London, to impossibly landing her Academy Award winning role of Scarlett O'Hara, her love life in and out of her mentor, lover, and husband Sir Laurence Olivier's arms, on beauty, fame, destiny, Hollywood and aging, to funny, frank behind-the-scenes dishing on Gone with the Wind, A Streetcar Named Desire on stage and on film, horseplay with Marlon Brando, her affairs and sexual compulsions and their shattering effects on her marriage, her breakdown in India that led to her being flown back to Hollywood in a straightjacket, and her lifelong “companions” tuberculous and bipolar disorder that never made her lose faith in acting and love. A bold, funny, candid look at a courageous and charismatic star who continues to fascinate.

Orson's Shadow - October 2011
An ingenious tale of two Hollywood giants-- Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier, set in 1960 in a London West End theatre. Legendary critic Kenneth Tynan has made a startling proposal: Welles should direct Olivier and the young Joan Plowright in Rhinoceros, Ionesco's absurdist masterpiece. But it is the rehearsal process that brims with absurdity as titanic personalities, including Vivien Leigh, wrestle the muse in this witty and incisive depiction of the drama of theatre.

Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference - Gold Coast, NY - September 2011

Mud Cat Lab - July 2011

Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference - Key West - June 2011

Come as Your Favorite Hollywood Icon Mud Gala - March 2011

Fundraising gala at Lips NYC.

Vivien Leigh: The Last Press Conference - Long Beach, NY - March 2011

A Streetcar Named Desire - July 2010, Cherry Pit Theatre, NYC