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Mississippi Mud Productions our made in the USA theatre and film company working with artists from around the world, is kicking butt in 2018!

Sharon Tate in Heaven 2015

This American Blonde Actress™ and Mississippi Mud Productions played Shaton Tate in Heaven in Los Angeles for 5 tours to date: October 2014, January 2015, April 2015, February 2016, and January 2018. We even played at the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute on the James Dean Soundstage for an intimate film set environment for the show. SHARON TATE IN HEAVEN is a playfully tender solo show odyssey set as an imagined TV interview in Heaven.

Written and performed by This American Blonde Actress, Jen Danby (CALIFORNIA GIRL: BEING MICHELLE PFEIFFER, THE BLONDE BOMBSHELL PROJECT: MARILYN MONROE, Nina in SEAGULL69, an adaptation by Mississippi Mud of Chekhov's SEAGULL set in LA in summer 1969), and developed by research into videos, virtual explorations, books, pictures, interviews, films, and trekking through LA, it's a celebration of love and a Valentine.

"Million Dollar Baby" Sharon Tate had a career that rocketed her from television to starring roles in six films within six years, including playing the aspiring actress Jennifer North in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1967), which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Most Promising Female Newcomer. Her last film, the comedy romp 12 +1 CHAIRS, was shot in Italy with Orson Welles. Comparisons between Sharon and Carole Lombard that Sharon herself felt an affinity with were part of the magic of this new hot 20 something sensation. Fast ascending into international stardom as an actress, model, and style icon, she was also a blissfully happy wife and mother-to-be living her American Dream with the love of her life, director Roman Polanski, when she was killed along with four others at her and Roman's home on Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon on August 9, 1969, while he was in London writing a labor of love script for her and Jack Nicholson. Roman and Sharon had been dubbed the "Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford" of the Mod Hip generation, and Polanski described his years with Sharon as "the only time of true happiness in my life."

Featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES alongside TV's MAD MEN and the heralded book SHARON TATE: RECOLLECTION by Debra Tate, this play is part of the evidence of Sharon's enduring appeal as an actress, model, style icon, and her trending allure with teens who make up a "new generation crushing on Sharon Tate." SHARON TATE IN HEAVEN takes you on a bouyant ride as it celebrates the beauty of this actress and it is a Love Story.


Sharon Tate -- Jen Danby*

* Member AEA

Director: Austin Pendleton


Mississippi Mud Productions is a Made in the USA theatre and film company, working with artists from around the world. Mississippi Mud Productions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Artistic director Jen Danby started acting at the age of 5. She says "Acting is just in your blood. You know if it is calling you and Mississippi Mud was born with actors who wanted to play. When Mud was christened on Thanskgiving Day 2009, a core reason for the name was the Southern folklore that the Mississippi River came to be because when the world was made there was all this extra water and it became the Mississippi. For me, this is the American Dream in the Mud."

As Dennis Hopper told James Dean on the set of GIANT, "Don't pretend to drink the coffee. Drink it!" Do. That's what Mud is, a space to Do, in work, laboratory, gym, ensemble. And that's Giant.

And as Lord Byron says in Tennessee Williams' Camino Real, "Make voyages! Attempt them...there's nothing else."