welcome to the mud

Mississippi Mud Productions our made in the USA theatre and film company working with artists from around the world, is kicking butt in 2016!

But....we seek your help.

As a self financed non profit we come to you with our end of year fundraising outreach, active now through December 31.

You can rock helping by making a tax deductible donation to help us create new work and bring a popular show on tour. We believe money is energy and helps us bring great stories to the planet. We seek your help and invite you to be part of the energy.

Giving is easy. You may use our secure online donation link through Fractured Atlas, here, (https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=3517) or message us for instructions on mailing a check if you'd prefer.

Here are the fun perks along with being part of the work!!:

Donations up to $10 will get a Facebook thanks,

$25 and up Facebook and a listing on our website,

$50 and up will get all this and a signed photo handwritten thank you from our Sharon LA film shoot

$250 and up will get all of this and a video thank you custom designed for you

$500 and up will get all this plus a Skype interview or coffee (depending on geography) with the Sharon Tate in Heaven team.

$1000 will have a special story written for them to be performed on the Sharon LA tour in California as part of the play!

We have just announced our Sharon Tate in Heaven LA tour and Sharon Tate in Heaven Super 8 film release on our Facebook page!

And you are the first to hear: Sharon will tour California, Florida and with New York dates as well to help support animal charities, including Big Cat Rescue.

More news to come on all of this.

Also Jen will premiere by invitation her new solo show on actress Michelle Pfeiffer in March 2016 at Long Beach Public Library for Women's History Month, which we are developing now, and with hopes to book more dates with hustle and heart.

And we have a surprise duo project starring Jen and actor Daniel Delano, directed by Tony nominated and Obie winning and all around cool Drama Desk Winner Austin Pendleton, which will premiere this year of 2016 in New York City in June, stay tuned!

And we'll have starting at the tail end of 2016 a new group project to debut in winter 2017, stay tuned for that surprise on a play by one of the American legends, about fame, love, longing, and more.

Clue: think of Genesis. Think of Death of a Salesman. Think of Marilyn Monroe. Go....

Help mud rock the work!



Mississippi Mud Productions is a Made in the USA theatre and film company, working with artists from around the world. Mississippi Mud Productions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Artistic director Jen Danby started acting at the age of 5. She says "Acting is just in your blood. You know if it is calling you and Mississippi Mud was born with actors who wanted to play. When Mud was christened on Thanskgiving Day 2009, a core reason for the name was the Southern folklore that the Mississippi River came to be because when the world was made there was all this extra water and it became the Mississippi. For me, this is the American Dream in the Mud."

As Dennis Hopper told James Dean on the set of GIANT, "Don't pretend to drink the coffee. Drink it!" Do. That's what Mud is, a space to Do, in work, laboratory, gym, ensemble. And that's Giant.

And as Lord Byron says in Tennessee Williams' Camino Real, "Make voyages! Attempt them...there's nothing else."