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Mississippi Mud Productions our made in the USA theatre and film company working with artists from around the world, is kicking butt in 2016!

CALIFORNIA GIRL: BEING MICHELLE PFEIFFER - world premiere March 13th @2:30pm!

This American Blonde Actress™ and Mississippi Mud Productions announce the world premiere of CALIFORNIA GIRL: BEING MICHELLE PFEIFFER in Long Beach NY on March 13, 2016 @2:30pm at the Long Beach Public Library. It is created and performed by This American Blonde Actress™, Jen Danby. In a TV interview style, learn all about Golden Globe winner Michelle Pfeiffer, from her stint as Vons checkout girl to movie star in drama and comedy in movies including THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK, THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS, and HAIRSPRAY. Hear stories about working on screen with Robert De Niro, Cher, Al Pacino, and more legends, and on sustaining a career from age teens to 50s and what that means for a woman in today's world. Through true confessions, movie moments, and even karaoke, come have fun and discover what makes this American icon so special.


Broadway World LA review of SHARON TATE IN HEAVEN
February 5,2016



Mississippi Mud Productions is a Made in the USA theatre and film company, working with artists from around the world. Mississippi Mud Productions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit 501(c)(3).

Artistic director Jen Danby started acting at the age of 5. She says "Acting is just in your blood. You know if it is calling you and Mississippi Mud was born with actors who wanted to play. When Mud was christened on Thanskgiving Day 2009, a core reason for the name was the Southern folklore that the Mississippi River came to be because when the world was made there was all this extra water and it became the Mississippi. For me, this is the American Dream in the Mud."

As Dennis Hopper told James Dean on the set of GIANT, "Don't pretend to drink the coffee. Drink it!" Do. That's what Mud is, a space to Do, in work, laboratory, gym, ensemble. And that's Giant.

And as Lord Byron says in Tennessee Williams' Camino Real, "Make voyages! Attempt them...there's nothing else."